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What We Do

Mammary Gland Biology, Macrophage Diversity, Breast Cancer Progression, Tumor Immunology

Mammary Gland Stems Cells, Tissue Homeostasis, and Development

Throughout mammary gland development, there are critical windows that are highly susceptible to mutagenic events. Current projects are focused on how tissue resident macrophages, stromal fibroblasts, and mammary gland stem cells contribute to normal mammary gland function during these critical windows, and how alterations in these processes increase breast cancer risk.

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Macrophage Diversity in Development and Disease

Macrophage heterogeneity has emerged as a critical component of both normal tissues and the tumor microenvironment. Using single cell genomic approaches, our studies aim to identify the functions of diverse macrophage populations in development and in breast cancer.


Stromal-Epithelial interactions during Breast Cancer Progression

During tumor progression, stromal cells provide key signals that promote the growth and metastasis of tumor cells. Current projects aim to identify mechanisms by which recruited macrophages and cancer-associated fibroblasts promote breast tumorigenesis and early dissemination.

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